Katie Parker: Womens Circles Warragul


A six week Mothers' Circle

Series in Warragul


It's the process you go through when you become a mother.

Just as adolescence describes the transition of a child into an adult, matrescence too is the emergence of a whole new identity: the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual changes a woman experiences after the birth of a child.

Becoming a mother is transformative, yet is often undervalued and not well understood. What happens to us as we transition from woman to mother? What happens to our old identity? Do we ever get it back or is it gone forever? How can we be a present mother for our children but not lose ourselves in the process?  

I am bringing a group of mothers together to have these honest, raw and vulnerable conversations. I am an experienced social worker and group facilitator, passionate about creating spaces where mothers can feel heard, held and connected to themselves and others. Moving through matrescence alongside other mothers offers a sense of belonging, connectedness and powerful validation of your motherhood experience, which is why I have created Nourish:

Six Week Mothers’ Circle series in Warragul. 

This circle series is your opportunity to leave feelings of isolation and overwhelm behind. You will be listened to, emotionally supported, honoured, and understood wherever you are on your motherhood journey. We will discuss the joys, breakthroughs, challenges, and pain that motherhood entails, without judgment. You will be truly heard as we hold space for you on your biggest personal growth journey of all time – your matrescence. 

The focus of this group is on YOU and YOUR experiences of motherhood. It is also about your relationships with your children – it is hard to talk about motherhood in isolation without also looking at mothering practises. This will include exploring: 

  • How we are socially conditioned as mothers.  

  • Our transition to motherhood and changes to our identity.

  • Awareness of our triggers and how to respond to them.

  • How to have more compassion for ourselves and our children. 

  • How our parenting is impacted by the way we were parented.  

  • Our experiences of maternal guilt and anger.

  • How to build more connected and respectful relationships with our children. 

  • How to be present with our children and respond to their needs while also meeting our own needs. 

  • How to push back against the ‘shoulds’ of the perfect mother myth. 

  • How to reduce guilt, exhaustion and overwhelm.

My hope is that you will leave with a nourished heart, mind and soul, feeling more connected to yourself, your children and your community. You will be reminded of the extraordinary person you are and the crucial role you play in society. I want you to return home to your family with your cup full, feeling inspired, heard and validated.  

I want this to be a place where you can find the village we all so desperately need and yearn for. 

The details...

  • Starting date TBC (current 2021 round was postponed due to repeated lockdowns)

  • Six consecutive Sunday afternoons from 1:30-4pm 

  • Warragul Wellness Centre

What's included:

  • 6 x 2.5 hour circles

  • Tea/coffee/herbal tea and healthy treats

  • A journal to document thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout our time together.

  • Access to my book library which covers topics such as pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, birth trauma, motherhood, matrescence and maternal mental health.

  • Mama meditations recorded by the lovely and calming Simone Russell 


Babies in arms are very much welcome. It may be difficult to concentrate if older babies and children attend with you and it is preferable if another care giver could offer support so the sessions can be as nourishing as possible for you.

Investment: $349

Payment plan available.

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