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 A two hour online workshop designed to support you to live your life in a way that's aligned with your values and vision for 2022.

There are 168 hours in each week.


How do you want to spend each of those 168 hours?


What gets priority when you have so many balls to keep in the air as a Mum?


These are the sorts of things we'll be discussing in my Map Your 2022 workshop! 

Date: Saturday 19th of March 

Time: 2-4pm AEDT

Where: On Zoom wherever is most comfy for you to spend two hours

What's included: a printable PDF workbook emailed the morning of the workshop

Please bring: A pen, your diary and something to drink

Cost: FREE!


This is not part of a launch plan and I won't be selling you anything at the end - but I will let you know how to work 1:1 with me if that is something you're interested in for extra support and accountability! I will also let you know what events I have coming up for the remainder of the year.

The details...

What's included:

  • 2 hour interactive online workshop 

  • A workbook fo you to print that we will work through together during the workshop

  • Journal prompts

  • An opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded Mums willing to create a more intentional life doing what truely lights them up.

What we’ll be covering in the workshop:

  • You'll look at the following areas of your life and identify where and how you'd like to make changes: 

Physical Health

Emotional & Mental Health & Wellbeing

Spirituality & Personal Growth

Career & Finances

Family Relationships

Friends & Community


  • This will be an opportunity for you to review where things are at currently and where you'd like them to be. What you're ready to call in and what needs to go.

  • At the end of the workshop it is my intention that you will be feeling inspired and excited about the rest of this year, with a clear plan moving forwards of how to get your needs met, no matter what season of motherhood you're in.

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