Katie Parker: Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parenting Support

About Katie...

Supporting you to be the parent you want to be

I'm a Hobart-born, Gippsland-based Social Worker, Parent Educator, Women's Circle Facilitator, Postpartum Doula and Mother. I believe it is time for a paradigm shift in the way families are supported in the postpartum period and beyond, how Mothers honour their own needs, and how we as a society treat our children.

In cultures all over the world Mothers have a village of support to take care of them following the birth of a baby, yet this is not something revered by our Western society. I know that it takes a village to raise not just a child but a Mother too. It is my mission to help families create their own village of support to reduce their overwhelm, exhaustion and isolation, not just following their baby's birth but for many years afterwards.

I am passionate about supporting Mothers at all stages of motherhood. I help Mothers unpack their social conditioning and explore the impact their childhood imprints have on their parenting, supporting them to parent their children more consciously and without the heavy burden of guilt so many carry.

I am also dedicated to educating parents during pregnancy about normal infant sleep and behaviour, support required following birth, and changes they might expect in their relationship, so that they can enter parenthood with realistic expectations of their baby and themselves. My hope is they will then put adequate support in place to nurture themselves and their new baby, and know where to turn when they're exhausted and needing guidance to find their way in the mess, chaos and confusion of early parenthood.

I want you to know that there is another way - parenthood isn't just something to be survived. I know that it is possible to find joy and meaning through parenting, and that it is an opportunity for personal growth and healing of childhood wounds.

Katie Parker: Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parenting Support

My hope for you, mama:


I don’t believe you need to spend any longer measuring yourself against unrealistic standards of what a 'good' mother is. I would love you to open yourself up to receiving support because doing so will enrich your motherhood experience, and will give you more capacity to parent your children in the way you want to. 

I would love to see a world where we create and connect back in with our village. Where asking for help is seen as a strength not a weakness – but eventually where asking for help isn’t even needed as the village is just there, waiting to wrap us up in love and support whenever we need it.

I would love to see women honouring themselves in motherhood, giving themselves permission to rest, taking care of their physical and emotional wellbeing and living a fulfilling and meaningful life, feeling deeply connected to themselves, their children, and their community.

If you would like my support at any stage on your mothering journey, I invite you to look at the services I offer. You can also check out my blog, sign up to my mailing list, contact me via email or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.

My Story


When I left school in 1998 I had dreams of becoming a lawyer and enrolled in an Arts/Law degree at the University of Tasmania. I first took a gap year though, and spent six months volunteering at a respite house for disadvantaged families in Scotland. During this time a fire was lit in my belly and I knew that a career in social work was in my future.


When I returned home at the end of 1999 I withdrew from the law part of my degree and went on to complete an Arts degree in Sociology, Psychology, German and French before moving to Melbourne to undertake my dream degree in Social Work. Since graduating I worked in the public hospital system in Melbourne as well as two years in London. I did what everyone else was doing and 'climbed the ladder'. I was working as a Senior Clinician / Team Leader at a major tertiary hospital when I went on maternity leave for the birth of my second child in 2017.


I took an extended period of maternity leave as our family had an opportunity to travel around Australia in 2018. It was during this time that I entered the world of personal development and felt a strong calling to provide the support to Mothers that I lacked after the births of my children.


Later that year I trained as a postpartum doula and nervously started my own business in April 2019 - a few months after moving from Melbourne to the small South Gippsland town of Mirboo North where I didn't know a single person! Initially I was providing in-home emotional and practical support to families with a new baby through Postpartum Care Packages and running a Pregnancy Support Group, but then the pandemic hit in early 2020 when I was just about to start a six month Mothers' Circle and I quickly moved my entire business online. I have gone on to run many online and in-person groups providing pregnancy, postpartum and parenting support, Mothers' Circles, workshops and am soon going to try running my first weekend retreat after my first attempt got cancelled last year due to restrictions!


I have also completed further training in Motherhood Studies, matrescence theory, Neuroprotective Developmental Care (also known as the Possums Programs), perinatal & infant mental health, perinatal loss, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, trauma-informed practice, Womens' Circle facilitation and conscious parenting over the last three years and am currently completing training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

This extensive training as well as my own personal experiences have equipped me with a diverse set of skills and knowledge enabling me to offer holistic support to Mothers with the many facets, and different stages, of motherhood.

Katie Parker: Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parenting Support

I want to show you that by letting go of societal expectations, prioritising your physical and emotional wellbeing, proactively seeking support with your mothering and building your village, you are able to develop more connected relationships with yourself and your children, and more fully enjoy your experience of motherhood.


Qualifications: and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Sociology), University of Tasmania

  • Bachelor of Social Work, La Trobe University 

  • Master of Palliative Care, Flinders University (completing)

  • Accredited Social Worker and Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers 

  • Accredited Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) Practitioner 

  • Motherhood Studies Certified Practitioner 

  • Perinatal and infant mental health trained practitioner (Perinatal Training Centre, Centre for Perinatal Psychology)

  • Perinatal loss trained practitioner (Perinatal Training Centre, Centre for Perinatal Psychology)

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy practitioner

  • Aware Parenting Instructor in Training

  • Certified Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional

  • Accredited Mama Rising Facilitator

Olivia's Place

I am proud to support Olivia’s Place, which is a fabulous organisation committed to supporting Gippsland’s most in-need families. I make a monthly donation to Olivia's Place from the profits of my business.

If you would like to find out how Olivia's Place supports Gippsland Families or support this worthy cause click here to find out more. 

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