Katie Parker: Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parenting Support

Hello! I'm Katie,

I support Mothers to build their village, care for their physical, psychological and emotional well-being without the guilt and build more connected relationships with themselves, their partners and their children.

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I'm a social worker with more than 15 years of experience, and I've spent the past few dedicated to supporting parents during pregnancy, the postpartum period and beyond. 

My passion is supporting Mothers to push back against the 'shoulds' of the perfect mother myth, connect more deeply with themselves and their community and find more joy in motherhood.

I offer a range of online and in-person services designed to provide a high level of care for you on your motherhood journey. 


Support for you...

Perinatal Counselling & Parenting Support

In-person and online support with a wide range of issues and experiences including:


  • Preparing for postpartum & parenthood

  • Birth debriefing

  • Birth trauma

  • Adjusting to parenthood

  • Transitioning from one to two (or more) children

  • Perinatal depression & anxiety

  • Maternal guilt and anger

  • Pregnancy & infant loss

  • Infant and toddler sleep

  • The impact of childhood trauma on your parenting

  • Child behaviour and emotion regulation

  • Changes in your intimate relationship

  • Being the parent you want to be

  • Changes to your identity and sense of self / the feeling of having ‘lost’ yourself in motherhood

Katie Parker: Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parenting Support
Katie Parker: Matrescence Support

The process of becoming a mother, describing the physical, psychological, and emotional changes that occur during this transformation.

Katie Parker: Mother's Circles Warragul Victoria

Mothers' Circle

A six week Mothers' Circle series in Warragul that honours you and your experiences of motherhood. 


For the mother who:


  • Is craving conversation and connection with other mothers on a deeper level.

  • Has a desire to more deeply understand the identity shift women go through when they become a mother.

  • Would love to be part of a community of mothers who value themselves in motherhood and push back against the 'shoulds' of intensive mothering ideology.

  • Is interested in unpacking social conditioning and challenging the cultural narrative of what being a 'good' mother means.

  • Resonates with a more responsive and gentle way of parenting, without using bribery, punishments and rewards.

  • Wants to foster a more connected and present relationship with her children without sacrificing herself in the process.

  • Is curious about how her own childhood experiences influence her parenting and is willing to further explore what it means to parent consciously.





Being in a safe container with Katie and all of her experience and knowledge in starting up a small business has been so useful to me - especially as I was in an intensive stage of parenting with my toddler just as I was starting my business. She was able to coach me through that, giving me the tools that I needed, not just in business, but in parenting too. That’s what’s so wonderful about what Katie offers – she brings the parenting and business support together and does this so beautifully. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from Katie, she has made me feel so safe.



Receiving online support from Katie has been a Godsend during this challenging time at home full time with a toddler and a baby. I've felt so supported knowing I can chat through anything with Katie that comes up for me in my parenting, and feel really heard and understood. Thanks Katie for listening, sharing your wisdom and guiding me through my journey towards becoming a more mindful parent.

Business Mentoring

I am passionate about providing support to Mums in business.


I offer support 1:1 or through my 6 week online circle series as a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Mums thinking about starting a business, just starting out or a bit further down the track of running their own business.


Having facilitated several group mentoring programs over the last 12 months, I can honestly say what I love most is the genuine support and cheer-leading the women provide to each other in the group. It really is one of the magical things about women joining together in circle.


It is my passion to support Mums to create a business that is aligned with their values and fits around Motherhood in a flexible way that feels good.

Katie Parker: Infant Sleep Support
Katie Parker: Postpartum Care Packages

Book A Session With Me!

For the remainder of 2021 I will be offering online sessions only.

Online counselling, parenting support and business mentoring can be accessed either as single sessions, or you can purchase a pack of six sessions for the price of five. ​

I can support you with the following via my online sessions:

  • Preparing for postpartum and parenthood

  • Fear/anxiety during pregnancy

  • Birth debriefing

  • Birth trauma

  • Adjustment to parenthood

  • Transitioning from one to two (or more) children

  • Infant/toddler sleep

  • Low mood and anxious thoughts

  • Diagnosed depression and anxiety

  • Self-care and self-compassion

  • Maternal guilt and anger

  • Pregnancy and infant loss

  • Pregnancy after loss

  • Challenges relating to your child’s behaviour including emotion regulation

  • Building a connected and respectful relationship with your child

  • Changes to your identity and sense of self / the feeling of having ‘lost’ yourself in motherhood

  • Bringing more joy to your parenting

  • Mentoring for Mums in business